How To Fix

Cement Tiles

Mortar missing. Exposed timber facia. Strip away old cement mortar. Remove corner tiles and clean out any birds nests. Install corner tray and nail. Keep tray in line with tiles and away from gutter edge. Fit tiles into place. Lay cement mortar mix. Lay ridge cap and smooth off mortar mix. Finish with flexible pointing.

Terracotta Tiles

Bedding loose. Corner cap dislodged. Mortar stripped out. Corner tray fitted and nailed. Rebedded and shell end fitted. Finished with a flexible pointing.

Benefits of fitting a Roof Tile Corner Tray

  • Stops costly repairs on starter caps & shell ends
  • Stops birds from entering roofs
  • Prevents dry rot
  • Keeps corners water tight
  • Holds cut tiles at bottom of hips
  • Secures bedding & pointing

Contact your local Roof Restorer to install today or alternatively DIY.